Mouthpiece [NSFW]

  jesus camp has to be one of the most unsettling documentaries i’ve seen in a long while. the indoctrination of young, impressionable children is something that’s happening here and now, and it beggars belief that we’re not more awake to this. perhaps some of us choose not to be. that was certainly true in my […]

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I am Gerudo

she’s a proud-nosed warrior with massive thighs that’ll pulverise a man’s pelvis should she choose to make him her voe. sure, he will never walk again but what the hell… life’s too short to worry about piffling little details like that! he could always hitch himself a sand seal ride should he find the need to venture beyond the bedroom!

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Toast of London [NSFW]

Three little Soldiers stand in a row, Two stand straight and the other bends low. Along comes the Sergeant and what do you think? Off pops her halter, quick as a wink. Bless them and their tiny bazooms, Their strap-on guns and primed vavooms. Four little Soldiers ready to blow, To make sweet jiggy and war […]

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