i adore eddie campbell’s work. bacchus was one of my favourite titles back when i collected comics, and it was because of it that i then moved on to the amazing from hell and also his alec stories. i think it’s the spidery thin line work that does it for me, a quality that i was unable to replicate in this piece of fan art from that time. still, it was a lot of fun to draw.

8 thoughts on “Bacchus

  1. Brings me back to when I first found your blog and went looking everywhere to see if I could find your “book”; since I was convinced there had to be one floating around somewhere… This piece again has me asking the same question – where is YOUR book? 😉

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    1. and that’s a fair question, lorien. ha ha! i keep saying i should get my shit together and make a book happen, but i never do. i want to, so i guess i’m just going to have to get over my lack of confidence and get on with it! 😛

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