Asphyxiation [NSFW]

18 thoughts on “Asphyxiation [NSFW]

      1. Didn’t you learn anything from Nancy Reagan – say not to drugs! Actually, as a Canadian looking outwards into
        America, I could see how it would be hard to learn anything from the Reagan’s 🙂 Peace, Harlon

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      2. thank god i don’t live in america. i know many americans who don’t want to live there any more either. the crap they have to put up with from their politicians is absolutely criminal. 😦


    1. those are good questions, pepper. i guess one could say that this is a representation of the domination/submission dynamic within the context of a healthy sexual relationship. (or maybe i just wanted to draw something saucy. could be that too!) 😛

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    1. thank you, tati! yes, that wasn’t an easy effect to achieve but i’m glad i did. i wanted the drawing to have a faded, scratched up look… almost as if it was a postcard that had been lying around since the 70s. 😛

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