11 thoughts on “Tango

  1. Hee hee… I know her name 😛
    She’s a Russian politician Irina Khakamada!
    (Cool picture, Tony… but… stop-stop-stop… hey! Where’s TANGO? Where’s high heels and a flowing dress?)

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    1. oh my god, yes! the similarity is uncanny! as for the tango component of all of this, i’m afraid it was merely the name of the aforementioned comics anthology. i wonder to this day how they came up with that.

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  2. Awesome, glad you got published Tony! I hope you will again, you are talented, and need no flattery, as I’m sure it’s obvious to you that the true compliments to your work indeed match the skill, quality and imagination 🙂

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  3. She’s funky. Love the hair. She looks a tad awkward. I wonder what lies beneath those spectacles? One thing is for sure, your talent is evident in everything you do. Bravo.

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