so, i’ve just finished playing a 3ds title called senran kagura 2: deep crimson. because it contains super busty chicks pummeling one another into barely clothed submission, i’m supposed to feel like a sleazy old misogynist and hang my head in shame. i refuse to do that. i’ve long believed that there shouldn’t be such things as guilty pleasures. openly enjoy what you enjoy. as long as you aren’t harming others then make no apologies.

6 thoughts on “Yagyū

  1. nothing wrong with a bit of sleaze in a persons life 🙂 I myself am partial to a bit of 6 pack hunk derring-do and the Japanese/Russian army to wipe out with an extensive array of weapons, though I prefer the slashing knife thingy in close combat 🙂 not the same I guess but they don’t make any 6 pack hunks games where they all get their kit off, mores the pity 🙂

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    1. i think people forget that this kind of thing can be fun and has its place. and, actually, i get annoyed that there isn’t an equivalent 6 pack hunks game where they get their kit off. why should only men have all the good stuff? 😛

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