Pale Bloom

this pretty creature was created on my wii u gamepad using the art academy app. i guess i have a thing for showing frailty. i don’t know why.

it seems ironic really, drawing this on a nintendo console. that’s right. nintendo. the video game company that has long been regarded as the epitome of fun. there’s speculation as to the meaning of their name. is it “to leave one’s fortune in the hands of fate”, “leave luck to heaven”, or something else entirely? no one actually knows.

still, it’s a nice thought. i can’t deal with my future. i have a hard enough time making it through today. i’m told that it’s all about choices. yeah, but they’re choices made in the face of uncertainty, and i can be pretty indecisive.

i’ve no idea where i’m going with this.

22 thoughts on “Pale Bloom

  1. I think most people’s lack of decision making comes from feeling too vulnerable and not expressing it directly to other s or even themselves through actual life changing action ..some do it through words or images this 🙂 That is where you were going… :). PS I do the same thing

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  2. Everything will be all right in the end. It usually does.
    Just a suggestion. You write poems and illustrate them with your comic drawings. Poem – comic, poem – comic. When you have enough to put up a book, publish it. There are many authors on WordPress who share very useful tips on publishing. Why not to try? I would love to have a copy.

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  3. It is actually quite perfect, your medium for this piece. I battle between strength & frailty each day. I suppose there is space enough for both.

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      1. The challenge is figuring out which is needed when. I evidently need to listen to your latest crumbcast, another fan has been directed over there. 🙂

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