Life Happening

it’s eight years since i drew this. you’d think i would’ve learned how to live with the beast by now… but no. there are still days where the depression manages me. believe me, i’m trying. i really truly am. it doesn’t mean i deserve a medal or anything. it’s just that i want people to […]

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Mouthpiece [NSFW]

  jesus camp has to be one of the most unsettling documentaries i’ve seen in a long while. the indoctrination of young, impressionable children is something that’s happening here and now, and it beggars belief that we’re not more awake to this. perhaps some of us choose not to be. that was certainly true in my […]

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Pale Bloom

this pretty creature was created on my wii u gamepad using the art academy app. i guess i have a thing for showing frailty. i don’t know why. it seems ironic really, drawing this on a nintendo console. that’s right. nintendo. the video game company that has long been regarded as the epitome of fun. there’s speculation as to the meaning of […]

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