The Scream

who wants to work gazillion hour days for a lifetime of mortgage payments and trying to fit in? who wants 2.5 screaming children, a multitude of hateful jobs, zero sleep, and the suffocating burden of having to be ‘normal’ like everyone else? yeah, that’s not my idea of heaven. even we xenomorphs need to discover […]

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I am Gerudo

she’s a proud-nosed warrior with massive thighs that’ll pulverise a man’s pelvis should she choose to make him her voe. sure, he will never walk again but what the hell… life’s too short to worry about piffling little details like that! he could always hitch himself a sand seal ride should he find the need to venture beyond the bedroom!

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i adore eddie campbell’s work. bacchus was one of my favourite titles back when i collected comics, and it was because of it that i then moved on to the amazing from hell and also his alec stories. i think it’s the spidery thin line work that does it for me, a quality that i was unable to replicate in this […]

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Rick Hunter

robotech was such a seminal show for me as a thirteen year old. it blew my mind to see a cartoon dealing with major themes such as love, war, and death in the way that it did. and i’m surprised that something with mature themes was allowed to air during the breakfast time slot. i guess […]

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