i wake up one morning and say, “shit. this is what i look like.” i know something then. something about myself. perhaps i always have. i know i’m not what i could be if i dared not to care what others thought of me. i know that my fundamentals will remain stashed in my slacks for the rest […]

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Pale Bloom

this pretty creature was created on my wii u gamepad using the art academy app. i guess i have a thing for showing frailty. i don’t know why. it seems ironic really, drawing this on a nintendo console. that’s right. nintendo. the video game company that has long been regarded as the epitome of fun. there’s speculation as to the meaning of […]

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One Pulse

i had my severest anxiety attack a few years ago. it happened while i was setting up an art display in a public library. i wondered what the hell i was doing there. couldn’t the people in my illustrators group see i was just a fraud? an impostor? i didn’t deserve to have my pathetic shit […]

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Keep the Change

You and me are two dinosaurs and our time has run out. Pity that we got lucky and thoughtless survived. Here below we come in nowhere, old-fangled, starry-eyed, delicate as an egg-shell. Unreconstructed. Side-by-side we look at the sky, squinting through rockets’ blaze, longing for times when the Moon wasn’t for sale: $19.99 per acre. […]

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Hobbled [NSFW]

This drizzled pantomime Isn’t mine Nor I In warped magnify Resemble nothing Of your uniformed void If in birth we must Succumb to costumed parade And starched salute I’ll take my own Way Past And sew up my secrets Tight against Sore skin and flaccid wing Why did you? Girl of ire Capture me first by […]

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