Life Happening

it’s eight years since i drew this. you’d think i would’ve learned how to live with the beast by now… but no. there are still days where the depression manages me. believe me, i’m trying. i really truly am. it doesn’t mean i deserve a medal or anything. it’s just that i want people to […]

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Keep the Change

You and me are two dinosaurs and our time has run out. Pity that we got lucky and thoughtless survived. Here below we come in nowhere, old-fangled, starry-eyed, delicate as an egg-shell. Unreconstructed. Side-by-side we look at the sky, squinting through rockets’ blaze, longing for times when the Moon wasn’t for sale: $19.99 per acre. […]

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The Past

i feel ambivalence towards a lot of things in life, but i think my past is what i wonder about most. sure, i wouldn’t be who i am today without key elements of that, but has it really been worth the travail? it’s not like i’ve “arrived” at some meaningful sense of completeness or accomplishment. if anything, i’m a ghost […]

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